Baby Boomers are fueling a boom in knee and hip surgeries. Do you need a new knee or do you know someone that does? According to the average price in the US for a total knee replacement is $29000-32,000 USD. Another website  states that a US conducted total knee replacement can cost as much as $35,000 USD. For surgeries abroad Global Medical Excellence contracts with US trained, US Board Certified surgeons in India and JCI Accredited hospitals (The Fortis Group) to handle all India based surgical procedures. In the case of a knee replacement the cost through GME is a mere $7,980 and that includes the standard post-op rehabilitation. So what is the difference? Just the location in my opinion.

Last year over 1mm US citizens went abroad for medical care and globally the concept of medical tourism is approaching $1B USD. In fact, over fifty countries have identified medical tourism as a national industry. One of the target countries in this hemisphere for healthcare abroad is Costa Rica. According to the United Nations living in Costa Rica can be quite healthy. Costa Rica is in first place in Latin America for the development of curative and preventative diseases. This is a ranking that places it with Canada and the United States in the top 20 in the world. Costa Rica, this small topical paradise, surpasses the United States in both infant mortality and life expectancy.

So if you are even in the unfortunate situation where you are unable to cover your deductable for a medical procedure or you are denied coverage for a procedure then consider medical tourism and Global Medical Excellence. Do what over 1MM American’s do each year and seek out the international option.