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Features Your Website Should Have to Attract More Customers and Extend their Visit Time
To bring in new Customers, build your reputation and enhance your revenue, your business website should:
1. Be informative, with useful information on topics relating to your specialty: A new treatment or a health alert that’s making news, for example. Inform people and they’ll be grateful; they’ll want to buy from you.
2. Be frequently updated. New information gives visitors a reason to come back to your site, and makes your site come up higher in search results. In other words, content changes are good!
3. Be interactive. Give visitors something to do. An ophthalmologist’s site might ask: “Is LASIK right for you? Take this 30-second test to find out!” This subtly encourages visitors to commit to you and your practice, making them more likely to call and make an appointment.
4. Home Page Video. Some research suggests that the average time spent on a site during a typical search is 3-5 seconds. And since 30 billion videos are watched on-line each month (an avg of 27 min per day) consumers are more readily retained when a video is readily available for viewing. I suggest a 60 or 90 second custom video placed on your home page that touts your brand and your capabilities
5. Back links. Maintain active social sites such as Facebook™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™ that are readily accessed with icons on your home page. Linking these sites to your website can assist with optimization
6. Blogs. Crawlers recognize and rank Blogs as valuable because they still see them as educational. Host a Blog, update it on a monthly basis and link it into your website with a homepage “button” so customers can learn more about your capabilities
7. If you want to have an “offer” listed on your site avoid words such as “free”. These words look “salesy” [sic] and could cause a crawler to over-look your site.
Simply stick to the tips above and your website will begin to work more effectively 24/7 to help you attract more Customers, build an outstanding reputation, and enhance your bottom line.